Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I need a sign

I woke up this morning in a hotel room in the middle of downtown Quito.  It is slightly chillier than I care for. And I am up way early to head back to the airport for a flight to Loja.

For me, this trip is about surrender and trusting my INtuition.  Knowing I am here for a purrpose that is still yet to be revealed to me.  So I asked the Universe for a sign.  Show me irrefutable proof that I am supposed to be here today.   Hahaha.  Careful what you ask for.  

At Quito national airport (domestic flights), I check in, go through security and wait in the departure lounge when my name is called.  Please report to the ticket counter for baggage inspection with police.  Which means I have to go through the screening and back to the ticket counter.  Except as I try to go against the current through a side door for exits, I am pushed back by a security guard.  El Presidente!! El Presidente!!! And there he is, Rafael Correo, President of Ecuador - surrounded by security, shaking hands of people waiting on the side, and then he comes right by me - stops and kisses my cheek.   Did this just haHAhappen?  

I go to the ticket counter, meet police, we go through my luggage until they are satisfied and then through security again.  As I walk into the departure lounge, there he is again, El Presidente.  This time I get swept up with the wave and I am once again in front of him.  He asks me where I am from.  He asks me what I think of his country.  He takes a picture with me.

I get it GPS - thank you for the clear and OMazing sign.  I am here to figure it out by surrendering and allowing it to haHAhappen.  So be it.

And this is just the beginning of my day - woohoo!!!

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