Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Buck Starts Here

Crone Goddess Pattie, one of my favorite bloggers and ARTISTE, has a new blog called "The buck Starts Here"... altering things from the dollar store!!! Goddess Bliss turned me on to Altered Journals as we created together in her Bliss Studio at her Domestic Palace of Bliss. The picture on top and this one below is what she helped me relax and intuit into manifestation.

This weekend I had the pleasure of passing this GIFT/knowing forward. My cousin Mama Goddess Mantha & her two munchkins did some Arts & Craft and I showed her how to play this game. She called me Monday and told me I created a monster. She's already made four.

And me, I'm still playing.

Power of Goddesses - tis' a beautiful thing.


pattie said...

You have caused GREAT SMILES and LAUGHTER of LOVE over here on the EAST COAST.............GO! ... I can feel a retreat in the making!

MamaBird said...

Your journals are beauteous!
And your energy is positively contagious!