Friday, January 25, 2008

Cell Memory

fractal flower

I have been quiet these past ten days - absorbing where I'm at - listening to my body's messages and truly absorbing all the spaces within - basking in silence. My horoscope put it nicely: " slowly returning from an extended vacation, even if you never left home. You've been journeying in the orbits of your own thoughts"

This BIRTHday month, memories of the past have been filtering in, showing me slivers of darkness and blockages - areas of myself that need healing. I have been gentle with myself, paying attention to these places that need love and light and a shift in perspective.

Among these memories was one of me in elementary - I had just moved to a new country - I was learning a new language, new ways of being (customs) and enrolled in a school where I was not like the others culturally. There I met a formidable foe. A 5 year old mirror of me who knew it all and was angry and was going to take it out on somebody. Along with a gang of boys, this ringleader made going to school a very traumatic experi
ence. She also helped in the myriad of stitches and bruises I experienced back then.

Last week, I found Goddess FOE on the internet. Goddess bless Wikipedia!!! GODDESS FOE wrote a book that educates and sheds light and is a part of what will bring peace to this Earth. GODDESS FOE is also a professor who specializes in research about Child Terrorists - LOL!!!

I took a big step. I took responsibility for myself and called GODDESS FOE. I moved through my irrational False Expectation Appearing Real and called her - a voice from the past (35 years ago).

As I held myself accountable for my part of the past and apologized for any behavior of mine which might have triggered hers, we had a lovely conversation in the NOW and caught up with names familiar to the two of us. It brought back some bittersweet memories. And while I do not have complete recall of THEN, somewhere in my body cells released their memory of tightness and rigidity and shifted back into alignment.

Gifts of this experience besides healing my body - I met a LITTLE PEEP inside of me who was hiding for so long and felt so cold in the shadows. As I made the call and traveled through my FEAR, she took a few steps into the light of my soul and decided to come out and sing.

And the Universe presented me with another gift for SHOWING UP.

I had been searching for another childhood friend for the past ten years. This telephone calls provided clues and answers which brought me to an email address and reconnection to GODDESS FRIEND and the sweeter memories of my past.

Life is so good!!! I am so grateful for these gentle life experiences. I am so very blessed.

Thank you Goddess Christi for being a FLFT (Fearless Leader of Feminine Truth) and sharing your coaching skills and helping me re-MEMBER my intentions and facilitating this journey.

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