Monday, November 10, 2008

BOUNDARIES - Walking a fine line

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Maintenance of my body requires me to steer clear and away from toxic environments - I CHOOSE not to be around second hand smoke, people who smoke, environments with alcohol and/or smoke.

I know this may sound selfish but LET ME BREATHE THE AIR
(lyric from a great song by Little River Band, Cool Change - check out this cool video)

This lifestyle I created for myself took some time to manifest. Being that there was no manual for how my body works (there is one now, thank you Dr. Oz), I had to learn slowly what works and what doesn't.  

I had to, one baby step at a time, let go of old habits and imprints (smoking, overeating, being a couch potato, stressed at work) and replace them with new patterns of Be-HAVE-ior.  I tried and tested all sorts of different things (food, exercise, meditation) until I observed and felt what was working for me.   I started listening to the messages my body was giving me.  And I had to be patient and gentle with myself as I learned new things and techniques to give my body what it needs at the physical level so it can function smoothly.

I am still learning to set my BOUNDARIES - My house, my Rules. Learning to say NO to what hurts my body and injures my soul.   

And yet, at some point, drawing lines can get kind of sticky.   Almost like holding myself back from enjoying life because I drew too many lines around me.  Like surviving instead of thriving.

A lot of things are shifting in my life right meow.  Mostly in my head as I analyze and think and weigh my options.  And then into my heart so I can feel what is true for me.   Now, I am ready to cross the threshold.   I feel I am becoming more flexible and open to life, no matter what comes.  Crossing the lines instead of being fenced in.    Tee hee!!!

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karen said...

Greetings Goddess Diana, i loved this post - it really struck a chord somewhere...
Nice to "meet" you!
love from the Goddess-Almost-Diana-Karen