Thursday, November 13, 2008

Matriarchs - My Great Aunties - Part II

Besides our wonderful dinner and family BBQ, we had the opportunity to take the Matriarchs to the Miami Zoo. What a beautiful day. It started out in the low 70s and the temperature rose to the mid 70s. The sun was shining and the humidity was low with a gentle breeze. The Miami Zoo is an open air zoo - for the most part, no cages. It did mean a lot of walking. We put Auntie Maggie in a wheelchair as well as Auntie Sylvia and away we went.

We visited with the lions and tigers and camels. We saw an elephant take a river of a pee and a huge dump.  We saw orangutans and all sorts of feathered friends.  However, the highlight of our day was watching and hearing the mammoth turtles have sex. Both aunties got out of their wheelchairs and stood up to see this feat.  It seems like we were witnesses to all the important biological functions. Tee hee!!!

Just before the end of their visit, we went to see a late afternoon movie together, The Secret Life of Bees. Both Auntie Maggie and I had read the book. I still cried. Definitely bring the box of Kleenex. After eating a bag of popcorn each, I didn't think the Matriarchs had room for dinner.  Yet, 5 minutes later at Moonlite Diner, Auntie Maggie had eggs and potatoes and Auntie Sylvia had a tuna salad sandwich.  These women never cease to amaze me.  Tee hee!!!

We will all meet again in California in February to celebrate Auntie Maggie's 90th birthday.

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