Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Gift

Wow!!! My voice has been quiet here - stoking fires on other fronts - trying to find balance.

These last few days have been challenging. My body changes again. I KNOW I need to BE STILL and allow it to happen. However, the world does not stop because one changes. Learning my priorities - allowing ME to be - to feel - to experience - to let go.

Gentle life lessons.

I am the seventh generation. Voices in my head, in my generation, in my immediate world - - This hurts - that is painful - it is too hard. I am learning to erase that voice through LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Redirect and raise and praise.

I find that it only hurts when I go against the flow. It is only painful when I forget to breathe. One day and baby step at a time makes hard become easier.

Yes, it is quite uncomfortable to shed a skin. Babies cry when they are teething. Growth is an uncomfortable process. Otherwise, it is uncomfortable. All growth is. Shed a skin, lose a tooth - all part of the process. I am so blessed to have gentle LLs.

The Universe prepares me for the cycle of BIRTH - this last period was quite challenging. 38 days until the egg dropped and the walls broke down. I was swollen for a week, belly protruding out and hot from my fingertips to my toes with the volcano churning within. And so vulnerable. So ungrounded in this flow of feminine ENERGY - not ready to deal with the world and my femininity - all swollen and raw as I feel now.

Thank goodness for Lucky Girl. She keeps me company and helps me stay calm. She soaks up my heat. She lays by my side and reminds me to take it slow as we nap. And then she gets me outside, sitting in the Earth, where my heat gets absorbed as I connect with the trees and we watch the squirrels.

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