Friday, March 28, 2008

The Ocean

Today was my first day back.  Actually my first time in 2008.  I'd forgotten what it felt like, the joy and pleasure of immersing myself and letting the water permeate my skin and change my constitution.

I set a sacred date with myself today.  After cleaning the house and doing some laundry, I knew I needed to detox and cleanse and be one with nature.  I hopped into the car and 10 minutes later, I am sitting in the sand.  I create and close my circle of shells, sponges and feather.  I soak up the sun and warm up my bones.  I meditate and quiet my mind as I listen to the waves lap the shore.  I ask for permission to enter.  And then I run down to the water.

The water is so cold.  Freezing to my warm blooded organism.  And yet, I keep on approaching, preparing to dive in to the next wave, knowing that head on approach makes it easier in the long run.  Submersed in the water I become and out I jump, shivering and breathing in deep, acknowledging the cold.  And tasting the salt.  And then I leap into the next wave.  I open my eyes underwater, marveling at the motion of the sand on the ocean floor.  Feeling saltiness and a little sting, my eyes adjust.  I jump up again and feel my body warming up as I acclimate to the water's temperature.

So crisp and invigorating.  So cleansing and pure.  So much fun!!!  When had I forgotten how much joy the ocean brings me? 

I feel the molecules of ocean water penetrate my skin and start exchanging and squeezing out the old water cells filled with toxins of sadness and fear.  The process of osmosis is taking hold and shifting my energy.  From my head down to my toes, I embrace her sandy, salty waters and open myself to the healing process, feeling the balancing of my body's water content and the ocean's liquid.  I become one with the ocean and I surrender.  I fall back.  And the ocean embraces me and holds me.  I float.  

As I lay there in the water and look up at the clear skies I remember the sensation of going with the flow.  Letting the waves caress me and take me up and down as I release any muscle tension and let go; accepting the gentle and loving rhythm of the ocean, flowing under me, through me and within me.

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Temple Woman said...

i SO love this experience too!

it is ^high^ & can be so soothing / holy.

thanks for reMINding me of this feeling.

oh + i just discovered a book i think you might dig>
"Kick Start ~ a Cosmic Biker Babe's Guide to the Planet"
or close to that.

It just makes so much SENSE to me & is very inspiring.

ciao, connected One.