Friday, March 21, 2008

Residents of our Home

When we go out of town, we have always had friends or neighbors come over and take care of our Meows.  And as much as that has been appreciated, our Meows sat down with me and told me they preferred some consistency if I was going to travel alot this year.

So we interviewed a few people to see if they would connect with the littlest residents of our home.  And when Goddess Sharon came over, Zeko, our oldest meow, decided to sit on my lap and participate in the interview process.  It was quite unusual and telling behavior.

Before I left for my cruise, I sat down with each Meow to see what they were expecting from Goddess Sharon in my absence.   Crone Goddess Ruby was the first to share with me.  This is what she dictated to me:

Message from Crone Goddess Ruby

Welcome Goddess Sharon to this humble abode.  I am the Queen of this home.  I am usually found on the master bed lolling around and catching up on my beauty sleep.  

I love getting brushed and I love my medicine too.  If you just bring it to my mouth, I will indulge you with good behavior and drink it all up.  

When you feed me, the aromas will so intoxicate me, I will probably sing you a melody.  Now I may be small, however I am very wise.  I am looking forward to getting to know one another.  Meow!!!

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