Monday, July 28, 2008


For the last couple of months, I was feeling very stuck and stagnant - not writing, not sharing, not flowing well.

The little Peep inside was not forthcoming - actually rebelling - ART - she kept on yelling.

And yet, so many things to do, lists to complete, chores to finish, life to keep up with.

Not allowing myself to play - not making it a priority in my life - so I can have some balance.

"All work and no play....", they say.

Goddess Leslie came over with Dog-God Mandy and we painted rocks.  This, for me, was such a great start - small yet significant - a little bit of paint, some rocks, not a major commitment of time  - or so I thought.  Three hours later, we are still painting rocks and talking - in quiet stillness and yet together.

And the child within was mollified.  And so was I.

Painting seven rocks - allowing  myself expression in color - it's a wonderful thing.  And it seems to unlock the door to feelings and emotions - none which have any words or labels, just images/clouds that go through me - feelings, nothing more than feelings.

It inspired us to plan a re-TREAT.  We committed to a time and place and activities for the PEEPS within and the adults who house them.  We agreed to work together as Sisters & Goddesses to help each other move forward in unconditional love and support.

Tis a beautiful thing!!!

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