Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Island Living

Saturday on the cruise - We are docked at Coco Cay, an island in the Bahamas owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

We slept in on Saturday morning- we were up late giddy with excitement after Karaoke and viewing the Full Moon rising from the Ocean. And listening to the ship's anchor being released and sent into the water at 6:00 a.m. (minor disadvantage of having a cabin at the front of the ship).

And when we did rise, the ship has just received clearance and was tendering (using a smaller ferry to get from the ship to the island) its guests to Coco Cay. I had some yummy oatmeal breakfast with apricots and golden raisins and bananas and cranberries. Noah was enamored by the muesli cereal and its accoutrements. We went back to the cabin and packed our towels and camera and headed for the island.

After a 7 minute ferry ride, we were welcomed to Coco Cay. First, there was a straw market with all sorts of souvenirs on sale. And then, chairs set up on the beach and hammocks and a station for renting snorkeling equipment and one for renting jetskis and kayaks. A place for a BBQ lunch. A few bars. We kept on walking past the crowded beaches, fully intent on exploring this island. We found a hammock city - a shaded area full of hammocks swinging in the breeze. Noah parked himself there and proceeded to take a nap.

I went to scope out the island. I walked for about 2 miles and found deserted beaches with beach chairs scattered and hammocks here and there. Not too much shade as it seems that part of this island might have encountered hurricane winds in the previous years. I was walking on the water's edge - clear and shallow waters when I noticed I had a friend. He was hard to see until I stopped and let him swim right up to me. See if you can find him in the waters below (look for a spot).

Noah woke up and we went for a walk and found a private beach spot - just him and me and the little fishies that came to the play in the shallow waters as we lay there and took in the sun and the skies and breathed the fresh air.

Some IN-secure-ities that came up for me today - my hairy legs and wearing my bathing top and shorts and what would people think or say when they saw my legs. It 's been almost two years since I stopped shaving, waxing, pulling my hairs out and just letting my body be like the Universe created me. And here I was, on a ship full of strangers and a ferry full of other souls just looking for their little spot in the sun and all I could think of was who would check out my legs. Tee hee!!! I had to laugh at myself. I thanked this thought for sharing and released it to the nothingness from whence it came. And I allowed myself to have a blast, hairy legs and all!!!

We got back to our cabin, fully kissed by the sun and detoxed from the ocean. We ate a late lunch/early dinner. We sat on the top deck and watched the stars come out and the moon rise. We let the wind caress us as the ship rocked a little to the right, a little to the left. We came back to our room to find a little surprise on the bed. Thank you Goddess Lisonette for taking care of our stateroom and giving us such a great laugh.

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