Thursday, July 24, 2008

My New Love

We have been a Meow family for 10 years now.

Our first Meow, Blackie, was a gift from Soul Mama. It started out as "can you keep her for two weeks while I am on vacation" that turned into 8 blessed years of Meow Love. She was the first to nuzzle in Noah's armpit and purr hello in my face every morning.

And then we adopted Zeko in 1999 at the Humane Society. He was just a little kitten who came right up to us and Meowed his way into our hearts. The only MALE in our menagerie, he feels a deep kinship with Noah. And Ruby Meow was the runt of a girlfriend's feral cat litter. She found her way into our home in 2000. She is the Goddess Diva Meow in our home. (Picture of Zeko looking at Ruby)

In December 2005, Blackie unexpectedly passed away. Not being able to find anything medically wrong with her, we brought her home from the vet and let her die with dignity. She stopped eating one day and drinking the next and three days later, her soul left. We buried her under a tree outside. She taught me how to deal with death and be grateful for all the wonderful moments in my life and all the blessings that the Universe constantly showers upon me.

Elly Belly came to fill the void of Blackie's departure and balance our family. Brother Gilabong brought her to us after he saw how much love we had for our Little furry Peeps. She is quite a talker and a belly sleeper.

Three weeks ago, Ruby Meow had a breathing attack. I rushed her over to the vet where she was treated for an allergy attack and placed in oxygen to help her recover. While in the nebulizer, Dr. Darko's assistant was telling me of the dogs that had arrived from the Humane Society. They were scheduled to be put to sleep when Goddess Cheryl saved their lives. Ginger was suffering from heart worms and was a little underfed and she had just given birth to a litter of pups.

When I first met her, she gave me her paw as a sign of peace. She closed her eyes and leaned her head on my shoulder. I hugged her and fell in love with her scent. I rubbed her paws and the spaces in between her toes. She smelled so good.

Now, Noah had talked about adding a dog to our family. However, he was looking for a puppy.
I came home and plead my case. A week later, we are on the way to the vet to check out Ginger. I get a feeling so I call the vet en route and find out that Ginger has been moved to another shelter (she was actually taken to a PetSmart for an adoption day). And I was so sad. However, I knew if the Universe meant for Ginger and me to be together, we would.

So, I let it go. I gave Noah time to accept and adapt to the fact that we would be a Meow and BowWow family. I gave him breathing space to come into this decision on his own.

Two weeks later, we are on the way to the vet's office to drop off records. The vet's assistant calls me and tells me that Ginger is back. Noah agrees to meet her and sleep on it. And there we are, in the vet's office and Dr. Darko says: Take her home, try her out, see how she gets along with the Meows. We were leaving on Friday for a cruise and I didn't feel right about leaving Ginger in a new environment with the Meows without us. Dr. Darko agreed to pick her up on Friday morning and keep her until we returned on Monday. And Noah said YES to the Universe.

We picked up Ginger on Monday. She was so happy, she jumped into the back seat of the car and looked at us like she was ready to head on home. I know she has experienced a lot in her lifetime that I have yet to know. I feel such a strong bond between us and know that she will share her story and secrets when she feels secure in her new home.

Everytime she hears me and wags her tail, my heart thumps, thumps, thumps to the rhythm of her wagging. And when she puts out her paw to give love, and turns over to get her belly rubbed - I feel a great big love overflowing in my heart.

Ginger is calm and mild. She allows the cats to come sniff her and has stood there patiently and quietly waiting to earn their acceptance and approval. She has not entered the bedroom yet understanding that this is Meow Territory and that they will give her a sign when they are ready.

I look forward to spending the rest of her natural life together merging our Meow Sanctuary into a Doggie Heaven.

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Brenda said...

Welcome Goddess and Noah to the family of dog (spell that backwards) parents!!!!!! Yeah!!! I am so happy for you all!