Sunday, September 5, 2010

DIO - My message to the World

Classes 7 and 8

I am very conscious of music. The vocalist, the words, the message. I have an opportunity to perform - to say something - okay, lip synch something. I would like it to be powerful. I am searching all kinds of music. I even entertained Diana Ross' I'm Coming Out. And while I love this song and what she conveys, this is not my message.

Listening to my IPOD, shuffle on, letting the Universe send me a message - I hear it - "Hey, Hey, I said Hey, What's going on......." and I knew. This song was like an anthem for me when it came out in 1993. It expressed emotions I was not able to convey - a distaste for the patriarchy and the way it is interweaved in our society and my frustrations with HIStory. I also know all the words by heart. I found a disco mix which has a great beat and that I can work with. Need to get coaches' approvals - yet I am excited and giddy and pretty sure this is it.

Went to Party City to check out the options. Found a cute wig - I wonder if I can make that look with my wig. Went to Michael's and got a hot pink sharpie marker and tried to color the wig. Tee hee ~@~ It took too long and was too hot and I just stopped.

WSM Vaughn a/k/a Sigh Chosis came over. He drew a color picture of the eyes I want. He took me shopping to get the colors. He came over and patiently and gently went to work on my face. He is the first person who showed me how to apply foundation correctly and have a flawless face. This is what we came up with. I need to practice if I am going to accomplish this.

While WSM Vaughn worked and I waited in anticipation to see myself, GingerMama and Lucky Girl decided to hang out and watch us. Thank you WSM Vaughn for your hard work and patience.

I was not so gentle with myself as I showered all this makeup off. Interesting, isn't it?

Classes are getting faster paced. More information to share about tipping and arriving into a club and entourages. Reminders of who we represent - Drag It Out - and the reason and purpose for our performances - to raise awareness and funds.

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