Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIO - Practice makes Perfect

After 13 grueling weeks of transformation,
I am ready to perform - tee hee ~@~
at least I say I am
with a lot more bravado then I feel

I have the makeup down - more or less, if
I can keep from smudging the black all over
and I still need lots of practice on gluing my eyelashes
without getting glue all over, tee hee ~@~

Changing my face, my hair, my clothes -
entering the ALTER Ego -
the me that is not me,
that is within me,
tee hee ~@~

I keep on reMINDing myself that
this is for the GREATER GOOD
my little sacrifices - time, make-up, heels,
getting up on stage and dancing and singing
feeling the fear and doing it anyway -
to bring awareness to Drag it Out
this OMazing movement of Sister Goddesses
and this great program they have created
which benefits the charities they FUNdraise for
and helps the draguates gain so much self esteem
and new experiences.

Well, two more weeks and here we go~@~


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