Saturday, September 4, 2010

DIO - SHE Emerges

Classes 4 and 5

Okay, time to get my look together. Being a Drag Queen means everything you wear, your hair and your makeup is exaggerated. I am a woman being a man trying to be a woman. Tee hee ~@~

I figured a wig was the way to go. Found this great place in Hallandale called Hair Talk Studio formerly known as the Wig Outlet. Kathy helped me try on all these high end wigs made of real hair. Talk about a change. So dramatic - I couldn't believe it was me. I tried on blonde hair and brown hair, short hair and long, curly and cut. It was OMazing. And so empowering. In just a few moments, I was a whole other woman. Who would have known? Ha ha ha. Showed up in a wig to class. No body recognized me. Tee hee.

We had an auction - trading of clothes, materials, ideas for outfits. Woo hoo ~@~ Snazzed up this little black number. So unlike me. I have gone makeup shopping and bought another pair of heels (we are gradually gaining height). Tee hee ~@~ However, these long hours are definitely taking a toll. Perhaps it's just this intense summer heat.

I love, love, love the music my fellow Draguate Queens have chosen. Explicit lyrics that leave no thing to the imagination and tell it like it is. I still haven't found my beat yet. Although I am getting closer.

I am OMazed by the creativity and imagination of the performances and outfits I am witnessing. How people are putting it together and making it happen. Most of the Queens have their outfit and song and make-up going on. I pray this starts to come together for me too.

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