Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #130 -- Weddings

Goddess Jennifer & WSM Michael

After hearing the Dalai Lama live in Fort Lauderdale in 2004, we decided to become peace ambassadors in our families. The Dalai Lama said and I paraphrase: "How can we have peace in the world when we do not have peace within ourselves? when we do not have peace within our families?"

At the time, both WSM Noah and I were following patterns of behaviors learned from our parents on how to "be a family" and communicate with our siblings. There was not much SHALOM BAYEET (peace in our home). We barely knew our siblings as the adults they had become. As for cousins, that was a stretch and divide apart.

Goddess Shannon & WSM Jesse

In fact, our wedding back in 1999 had been full of family misunderstandings, mama dramas and egotistical disputes. And that's just what we knew about on the surface as we were running around getting arrangements completed so we could be wed. We didn't want anybody else to have this kind of experience.

Over the years, as we became more peaceful in our hearts and get "it" (what truly matters), WSM Noah and I made a pact to attend as many family weddings as possible. We want to get to know our cousins (from whichever side and however we are related) and change the pattern. We choose to welcome all new family members with open hearts and arms.

Goddess Sigal & flower Goddesses in Real Life

We see ourselves as the official Family Greeters. We are there to do whatever it takes to make the wedding a joyous and happy occasion. We run errands, drive cars, assist wedding planners, clean up houses, whatever it takes. We are so aware that this is the Bride & Groom's day to be enveloped in a CIRCLE of LOVE.

We hug, we cry, we laugh. We meet and greet and share the love and joy in our hearts at seeing our global family expand. And we create so many beautiful memories together. And the benefits is that not only do we gain family, we get to share friends.

WSM Lior & Goddess Valerie

Since we made our pact, WSM Noah and I have been blessed with attending TWELVE cousins' weddings and plenty of opportunities to travel in Florida, California, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Montreal and Israel.

And since I so much enjoy weddings, I have been blessed with being a photographer's assistant at a girlfriend's wedding in Cincinnati (thank you Goddess Robin) and wedding coordinator for my girlfriend's blessed event (thank you Goddess Leslie).

Me & Goddess Leslie

WSM Noah and I are going to keep on sharing our love and making sure we can help in any way to keep any wedding we attend enveloped in LOVE and PEACE and HARMONY.

We are so grateful to our cousins and friends for all these wonderful opportunities to witness and share in their LOVE and envelop them in our circle of Peace & Love, Just Because.


linda may said...

You are a goddess indeed. Sharing and spreading love. Good on you.

anthonynorth said...

A marvellous post. You do well to help and spread goodness in this way.

Beautiful Witch said...

What an interesting way to view weddings - I will try and be more open to spreading happiness at the next one I am forced to attend!

Neilina said... become peace ambassadors in our families. Nice way to quote! Lovely post!

Marty E. said...

more power to you guys...peace ambassadors...whoa!

B. Roan said...

Wonderful post. I hope many read your words and take them to heart. I do not understand families who are constantly bickering. Our families should be our champions. BJ

keithsramblings said...

What a delight. Not just a goddess but an angel too!