Sunday, September 21, 2008

Writing again

when i stop, i loo-se my MOMENT-um.

I retreat into my skin and wallow in my inner world - allowing my body to CONsume me. So easy to sway here and play the beautiful music and see the pretty colors. So much easier than interACTing with others in the real world.

It seems so scary to share & reveal... to open my heart and BE vulnerABLE with my FEELings and EMOtions.

BE OPEN - I keep on hearing these words --- over and over again -it seems to be my mantra for this week - a reMINDer to myself to REturn to YOGA (which backwards is a goy, tee hee!!!)

.perhaps this is withdrawal from not practicing yoGA this week, not stretching and allowing myself to grow, taking the easy way out and blaming it on the pain.

Thank you Goddess #2 for pushing and asking and reMINDing me to share about the RAINbows. And so I say YES to the Universe and BREATHE and allow the flow from my heart to my fingers - it's like playing the piano all over again.

I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

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