Tuesday, January 27, 2009

COLD in Florida

It's been relatively COLD here in South Florida.

I say relatively because it's all a matter of perspective. There are places out there that are truly cold - temperatures registering below 0 and experiencing snow. We don't have anything like that. Once the sun rises, we get up to the 70s. Something about living in Florida or with humidity that makes the bones less capable of dealing with shifts in weather. Especially 30 degrees shift from dawn to dusk.

Something about the cold and dark and the deep recesses of the mind. It seems like I am exploring a deeper layer of dePRESSion and GRIEF. I am observing it and feeling it, yet not necessarily absorbed in it. Cell memories of a long time ago being activated.

For me COLD is when the chill sets into your bones and you just can't seem to warm up. It's always something I dreaded - WINTER. The extra layers, the clothes, the shoes, the longer darker days, living up North in CANADA. So restraining.

This year, I am accepting what is. Actually, I am going a step further. I am embracing it. Loving each and every minute of it. Allowing it to BE and me to be in it, happy. Changing my perspective. Looking for the gratitude.

It seems that part of the embracing requires preparing. I am not always prepared for winter. It always seems like such a shock to me when it arrives. I know - 40 years and I still don't always get it. I still have 3 sets of flipflops laying on my front perch. Tank tops galore and running shorts - can't always remember where I stored the sweaters and tights.

One of the joys in South Florida is when the temperature drops and the humidity lowers we can open our windows and turn off the A/C and feel fresh air from Mother Nature flow through the house. We open the windows while we drive and like a dog does, we sniff and smell and savor the exquisite stuff called oxygen. We cuddle up and use extra blankets and the Meows join us on the bed as we create our own heat. Tee hee!!!

Embracing what is - that's me.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,

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