Monday, January 19, 2009

Life at its Own Speed

It's funny how the minute you speak or write an intention, the Universe provides challenges to see who you truly are. Opportunities to be who you truly are in every moment, each interaction. To come from love or hide in fear. I am learning that I cannot go it alone. I will have to learn to be a team player and SHARE. And though that may sound funny, it is very true.

Closely related to Goddess Bast and a Meow in many previous lives, I have always preferred a solitary life. I am very introspective and a home body at that. I love my nap times and my yoga and meditation silences.
Being with GingerMama and being her guardian, this is no longer possible. I am required to BE outside every day - at least 3-4 times a day, if not more. It doesn't matter what the elements are like or how I feel. IT IS WHAT IS best for her welfare and mine. In fact, she makes sure that we get our 10,000 steps every day (another intention I set forth).

Today I was blessed with my good friend, Goddess Leslie. She held my hand as we went through three boxes of miscellaneous papers - things that gather on my desk and I hold onto for various reasons but don't seem to move forward with.

With her help and guidance, we went through the scraps and documents and miscellaneous clippings all piled up in these boxes and sorted and filed and surrendered. Let some of it go. Clearing the clutter. Creating space for something new.

And then we napped with the Meows and Doggess-Crone Goddess Mandy. Here's another FUNNY - we both napped deep yet are very light sleepers. One little sound and we are wide awake. Does this happen to others or just women?

I then went to her house and returned the favor. We tackled some piles, did some internet research and ordering and even had half a game of Scrabble. So funny how things get done faster when you have help. Tee hee!!!
Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,

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Brenda said...

you must be practicing pile purging....
goddess bliss