Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Demystifying the Goddess

t's funny - people have a hard time with my name.  In fact, more WOMEN then MEN.  Tee hee!!!

Some of the things I hear:

"Hi, I'm Goddess.  No way, you're not."

"Hi, I'm Goddess.  Gladys? No, Goddess."

"Hi, I'm Goddess.  Can you repeat that?  Yes, Goddess.  That's a name?"

Some people just can't say it.  For some reason, their mouths won't open or their brains stop functioning.  Not sure.   They avert their eyes or call me by my last name, Diana.   Tee hee!!!


Wikipedia defines GODDESS as a female deity (SUPERNATURAL BEING who may be thought of as holy, divine or sacred, held in high regard, and respected by human beings).  

Yes, we FEmales are supernatural beings -  able to birth babies and juggle kids and jobs and husbands and FAMILIES and Meows and Bow-Wows and plants and gardens and HOUSEHOLDS  ~~~~ and the list goes on and on and on. Tee hee!!!   

Yes, WHOLE-ly (how else can we do it).  Yes, held in HIGH regard and respected by huMAN beings.   Wow!!! What a beautiful dream that is.  MAMA would be the WAY.  There would be Peace on Earth.  No MAMA would let her son, brother, husband, father go to WAR.  IMAGINE.


A soul who connects their inner KID with their feminine ESSence.   The Goddess lives within all women, everywhere.  And men have the Goddess within too.  We are all children of the Universe, seeds of Mama Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth.

Goddesses are lush and fertile and creative and inventive and loving and warm and sacred. So many different colors and characters just like the flowers and butterflies here on MAMA Earth.

KISS.    KISS?  Keep it SLOW and SIMPLE ~~~ and HUGs are good too.

We choose to LAUGH.  Like children do. FOR NO REASON.   Laughing gives you an internal massage, It activates the feel good hormones in our bodies. It allows our muscles to release and let go of stress.  It puts us in the present moment so we can enjoy the gifts of NOW.  And it feels so good and yummy and healthy and fun.  Laughter Yoga Circles are great ways to meet people and laugh and heal ourselves.

We choose to BREATHE.  Deep.   All the way to our bellies.  Like babies do.   It brings oxygen to our cells.  It opens up our spine and connects us to our heart.  It relieves stress and brings us back to the PRESENT.

We choose to DANCE.  Like children do.  FOR NO REASON.  Loosening up muscles and cells. Moving our bones.   Swaying our water.  Helping the blood FLOW. We reconnect and inhabit our bodies and shake our energy all about - like the Hokey Pokey!!!

And slowly, slowly, one BABY step at a time - we will re-MEMBER who we ARE and how we BE (regardless of what others say and think) and reconnect with the Divine within.  The Goddess in Real Life.  It's taken me almost 5 years of baby steps and I am still laughing.  Tee hee!!!

Re-defining:  ~~~ ~~~  ~~~

              GODDESS ~~~         
Sacred soul in a 
blessed vessel - BODY - expressing LIFE 

Just BE-cause

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because

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