Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama and my Mama

I have the coolest Mama.

We started a Wednesday tradition - she comes over and spends the day. I am blessed with her presence for six to eight months of every year when she lives in Florida. She takes the morning train at 7:30 a.m. and by 8:00 a.m. I pick her up for our rendez-vous. Ginger Mama joins me in the drive to the train station and grudgingly gives up her front seat for my mama.

We've been doing this for 3 years now - on and off - this year more on then off. She comes over and hangs out. We go to the beach or walk in the park or take naps or hang in the jacuzzi - all depending on the Moon and her position and if the Meows would like to be with us or not.

My Mama Goddess Myam is also a great shopping companion - we love to explore Ikea and get good ideas. She has a great eye for colors and trends and is fantastic at a sales rack.

We have added a new component to our relationship. We have become busy-ness partners. This is our new venture. Not just mother and daughter and friends. Partners in creating a new imprint on this world. And we're digging back in the past to find the buried treasures.

It was not always like this. I spent years not liking her. She was thin. I was fat. She was very laid back. I was very uptight. She would say NO. I would rebel.

In September, WSM Noah and I went on a three day cruise to celebrate his birthday. Mama Goddess Myam and Dad stayed over to take care of GingerMama and the Meows. When I came home, Myam left me a gift - a pin that says MAMA for OBAMA.

Watching people line up to vote made my heart swell. So many people turned out to have their say and STAND UP and BE COUNTED. It was such a powerful vibration to see and feel and be a part of. We voted too on Tuesday morning.   I was not surprised that Obama won. HIS-STORY repeats itself. After eight years, we Americans tend to flip flop - swing to the other side and try something different for a change. The Bush reign of eight years is over.

For me, this is fabulous. Following HIS-story means that our next president will be a WOMAN. That excites me enough to have the patience and grace to accept what these four years will bring in preparation for what will be.

Go Goddesses!!! Go Goddesses!!! Go Goddesses!!!

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