Thursday, January 29, 2009


Less than 24 hours away.  I'm going to TENNESSEE.

My first Birthday trip.  Going to visit Goddess Bliss and WSM Alan and Goddess in Real Life Makena and Turtle-ini and 4 of the cutest little puppies you ever did see.  We're going to play and plan BLISS BOOT CAMP.  Stay tuned for the details.

I need this break.  

Family and grief and funerals and traditions- not a good combination for me.  Add to that my monthly flow and a most wonderful and helpful husband that at this moment I cannot fully appreciate.  Time to go!!!

Had the house cleaned yesterday - changed the energy within.  Then I went to the beach - laid out on the sand, let the sun warm my face while I buried my feet deep.  Watched the waves and the birds and listened to the sounds of the ocean.

Felt waves of tension and nerves and energy chords shatter and release.  Letting go of whatever seems to be clouding my mind since Yoshka passed away.  Being patient with myself as it travels through my body and out of my psyche.

One day at a time.

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