Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trying New Things

Me jumping into the Black River in Jamaica

Yoga on Monday nights - yes - ME, out after dark, doing yoga. And what a practice. I felt myself going deeper in my asanas and stretching beyond any place I had ever been before. I connected with my breath and marveled at the strength and loveliness of my BODY.

And I just happened to sit right next to the one other student whose birthday it was yesterday. A happy 50th Birthday to Robert, a Cuban star, whose energy pulled me close and inspired my practice.

Raw Foods - Lunch at Greenwave Cafe - Mushroom Cheeseburger - yes - ME, eating raw fungus - and loving it!!! This was so delicious and nutritious and yummy. And the cucumber, mint limeade. Slurpilicious. And the banana ice cream. So easy to make and such a great snack. A great big Thank you to Queen Goddess YogaMommy for letting me know this place existed. And another great big Thank you to Goddess Chef Lisa for her yummy raw creations and dinner dates and cooking classes. What an exciting year this will be.

Gratitude - saying thank you on the INside and out - to each and every thing that comes my way, no matter what it looks like when I receive it. The Universe works in mysterious ways and what I see is not always what it is. Breathing and be-ing GREAT-full has brought so many blessings my way. And now, it is a muscle memory I am flexing and strengthening and appreciating. It makes life so easy!!!

Back to School - two delicious new classes to take me HIGHer in the University of Life - Suzi Blu's Be Divine workshop and Catherine College's Women In Islam online writing course. I am meeting such interesting souls and stretching beyond my limitations and skin. Learning and sharing and exploring new territory. And giving back - Goddess Gatherings that I will plan and schedule and announce within the next 30 days. ("C" word and I'm just DO-ing it - very good, very good, Yay!!!)

Writing - One a day. Being disciplined. Sharing and Staying OPEN and vulnerable and transcending. Planning and putting it down on paper and making it REAL. Creating my LIFE - one vision at a time.

What are you trying new in 2009?

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

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Brenda said...

Goddess Gatherings........do tell.......
goddess bliss