Friday, January 16, 2009

A Sacred Space

About 1 hour from Orlando and 2 1/2 hours from Hollywood, Florida there is an enchanted sacred space called BOK SANCTUARY - a sanctuary for birds, people and trees.  It also happens to be the highest elevation in Florida.  This space is so beautiful and peaceful.  You can roam the gardens or cop a squat under a big tree.   You can admire the koi fish swimming around the Singing Tower, a Carillon with 60 bells that plays concerts while you soak up the nature.  There is also a 5 foot water lily pads and a nature observatory called Window by the Pond where you can sit and observe birds, reptiles, butterflies and native species in their natural habitat.

We were first there with a brother from another mother, Brother Gilabong.  Together, the three of us explored the gardens and hills and the oaks and pines and ferns and palms and become one with nature.

For the last couple of years, I have felt a calling to create a SACRED SPACE of my own. A nesting space for the future souls who choose to come and reside.  A happy space for the fur babies who live with us now.  A peaceful place to escape the world and just BE.

All of our white walls said goodbye as each got primed and painted and made this home. We have orange and red and yellow and pink and green playing in our home.  It's made this space of ours warm and cozy.  

All of the rooms but one are painted.   The Office Space.  We tried to rename her the Creative Room but it wasn't working.  Right after Christmas day, all of the stuff on the walls came down (posters, frames, inspirations, picture - 3 boxes full, tee hee!!!).  WSM Noah spackled and evened the walls.  And now she is going to be primed for something new.  I love this feeling.  It's like having a huge white canvas to play on.

We also spent the last few weeks going back and forth to Ikea buying new tables and cabinets. It is time.  This is the core of our home.   This room has always been the space to dump everything into - bills, presents, packages, reading material, stickers, supplies.  Making it a place of OVERwhelm for me.

As everything has been taken out, I have been able to sit in this space and meditate.  Feel it from different angles and IMAGINE the possibilities.  BEing and breathing.  And communing with the walls and the window and the space.

Green she sings.  Green like the colors of Jamaica.  Green like the colors of the lush tropical forests we love to visit.   Green like the Heart Chakra.  

Feeling the feng shui and allowing it to move through me and speak to me and guide me.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,

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Brenda said...

green like the color of Jamaica.........I love this!!!!
can't wait for you to see my SUN room!
goddess bliss