Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 1 - a new relationship

Day 1 -
I am having to redefine my relationship with food.
I woke up feeling full - again.
Had a little poop this morning.
Thought everything was fine.
I juiced this morning -
apple, celery, swiss chard, ginger, cucumber, carrots.
Beets are done - I may have overused the beets.
I feel sick just thinking of beets.
I have two sips and I am so full. What's up?

Back from my walk, I stretch out my legs
before my Pilates class with Donna Madonna.
My muscles are so strong.
And yet, my belly feels so blown up.
My legs are strong. I have good form.
Maybe I am pregnant.
Or some wicked period this way comes.

It's cold outside again.
The weather is behaving as strange as I feel inside.

Sister Goddess Connie picks me up
for our Thursday morning yoga class.
I rise to the challenge and do my best.
I notice that I have some difficulty breathing.
My body feels stretched yet in distress.
I am so tired.
I come home. I plop into bed.
I am trying to nap - let my body rest and recuperate
I feel like I can't breathe.
Everything below my sternum feels tight.
I am congested and feel miserable in my own body.
I take a deep breath and visualize white light around me.
I get real quiet as I have a conversation with my internal organs.
I test - asking questions as I go along.
My stomach is blocked.
My liver has swollen and is impinging on the space that
allows food to enter my stomach.
My lungs are not happy - they too, are working
overtime to help me breathe.
My gallbladder and spleen have joined the
show to see what chaos they too can achieve.
I am feeling overwhelmed and scared.
Everything is so heavy in my chest.
I put my hand over my heart and pray.
What will bring the greatest good in this situation?
I immediately see an image of Sister Goddess Galant.
SG Galant is an OMazing Curandera/Healer.
She has studied BioOrgonomy, Pilates, Yoga,
Thai Massage as well as being an Artist and writing books.
She knows anatomy and physiology and has practiced many
modalities in achieving health and wellbeing for her clients.
SOS - my Sister Goddess Galant.
She tells me to drink hot water with parsley or lemon.
She advises that green tea might help to detox.
She admonishes me for this morning's activity.
She tells me that my nervous system is under immense stress
and that I need to take a break from any more physical activity.
We make an appointment for tomorrow.
I get back into bed.
Sleeping - giving my internal organs a break.
Elly Belly gets on my chest and relieves a little pressure.
I belch. Woo hoo~@~ so grateful that something is moving.
Elly Belly moves to my feet - drawing the pain down my body.
I spend the day reading and sleeping,
alternating from the bed to the hammock to the couch.
Four yummy books from the library today. Absorbed and swallowed.
I immerse myself in someone else's drama while mine unfolds.

That's it - a determined decision - NO EATING
My body gets a break.
I get to empty my sacred vessel.

It's really hard to breathe.
No thing feels good today.

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