Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, Monday

This was my sign from the Universe.
It gave me peace and solace.

I am tired after this weekend.
Feeling a little worn down.
The energy exchange, the learning,
being out of my comfort zone,
being in a new space
Not BEing all here
It takes a toll.

Daylight Savings Time
and a New Moon -
to add to the activity I do to me-
tee hee @

Hard time waking up this morning.
GingerMama gets me out at 6:45 a.m.
It's cool and windy this morning.

I am not prepared for a long walk.
Forgot to layer up this morning.
We are home 20 minutes later
I jump back into bed.

I sleep in until 8:00 am.
I feel the urge to check emails,
catch up with “LIFE”, to do list.
I can't .

Not my priority.
I have housework.
Maintenance & upgrade of the
temple that houses my soul & the
Other souls who depend on me.
A little stretching before I leave.

GingerMama and I - in the front yard
doing DownDogs in the grass - breathe -
and into Child's pose.

I am at Yoga One for Itsy Bitsy Yoga -
I put some peaceful vibes on.
I pray and set my intention
I create sacred space

Three mats - three Circles
I drop the laminated poses around
- Intuitively - Knowing - Feeling

I am blessed with two lovely Mama Goddesses
and their Goddesses In Real Life.

We sit in circle and laugh with our fingers
We stretch our spines and wiggle our toes

These Goddesses in Real Life - GIRLS
- both 3 years old -
know their stuff.

It's OMazing -
we meow like cats,
we moo like cows
we fly like butterflies,
we explode like volcanoes
we laugh like lions,
we hop like bunnies

I love this energy.

We dance The Yogi, Yogi
and we shake it all around
We read a story and the
GIRLS run after bubbles.

The class is over - I clean up,
I close down, I go home.

I come home exhausted.
I do not remember the drive home.
I am having pains in my chest
hard time breathing -
I am laying in bed, I am crying

WSM Noah comes to hold me
on the left side of the bed
We fall asleep in each other's arms
Elly Belly lies on top of us

I use this day to sing and
meditate and sleep
Healing, loving, resting -
No other thing to do

I am still having issues with food
It is wearing me out
I attempted peanut butter this morning
One teaspoonful - after I eat it,
I find my right lung banging a tune
against my ribcage
My breathing is heavy again
Backing off and drinking water

I find myself in the kitchen at odd times
A little sad at my situation
This new forgetfulness -
My wallet its first victim.

Learning new habits, releasing old ones
I keep on searching for food
When I test, I am not hungry

I walk away -
my body's lessons still
fresh on my mind

Tomorrow is a new day

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