Monday, March 15, 2010

Eastern Savings Time

WSM Noah calls me
Honey - it's 7:00 a.m.
The clock says 6:00 a.m.

I am getting up to walk
I miss my exercise
It helps me jumpstart my day
and the pooping process

I walk in the brisk air for a half hour
I have a nice and easy bowel movement
Seems the beans agreed with me - tee hee ~@~

I am tired - I need more sleep
It is almost the New Moon
I make it to class on time - 8:45 a.m.

Today's class is more new material
And a wrap-up of our weekend
Everyone looks and feels tired
As we ease into Laughter Coaching
And changing our energies

We have a short day today
A Levity Project will end our
weekend on a swell note
A Laughter Flash Mob at
the Juno Beach Art Fest
Woo hoo ~@~

We have lunch at Sweet Tomatoes -
only 15 minutes to pick food, sit, and eat
Being conscious about my food choices
My plate is small and almost empty
A little bit of spinach greens,
some celery, cucumber, cabbage
A piece of Squaw bread

Feeling the need for a big dose of sugar
I cannot resist a little piece of chocolate
brownie with a teeny bit of frozen chocolate yogurt

Truthfully, a little hard on my digestive system
It gives me gas and burping right away
It does help me get through the rest of my afternoon

Off to the Juno Beach pier
We set ourselves up in the middle of the Art Fest
We freeze with smiles on our faces
and hands in the air

People are smiling and asking questions
The children know -
It's People Art, they explain.

The sun is warm and delicious
after being cooped indoors
for almost three days

We unfreeze and laugh all the
way back to the start
We walk away -

we wait for a sign
a LAUGHter Party - woo hoo!
We meet up with others
and start laughing -
we garner attention and
a few bystanders wanting to laugh
And then we dissipate,
like we were never there

So much fun to share love and laughter

We meet up on the Juno Beach pier
bouncing on our blue hoppity hippity balls
We say goodbye, we hug, we laugh,

9 first class students + 1 Gurudess (Guru + Goddess)

We part

WSM Noah drives me home
I am tired, worn out and empty

We stop at Chipotles for some more beans
We sit outside and chew slowly
Can't eat much
but what I am eating tastes good

I go home and GingerMama wants a walk
Changing my energy -
allowing me to ground and clear
And burp and digest and breathe

It's early - 6:30 p.m.
I unpack and shower -
change my water,
change my mood

My music is playing -
My vibration is shifting

I lay on the bed
Elly's on my belly
Her heat spreads through me
I am falling deep into sleep

Releasing and letting go
of this physical plane
As I relax and sleep

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