Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Opening of the Heart Chakra

Just had an OMazing massage with
Sister Goddess Galant.

I start tight and cold and vulnerable.
She raises the vibration -

I feel her heat above my core
She lets her fingers do the walking
as they prod and poke and pinch
she digs and backtracks and widens the space

I can take a deeper breath - woo hoo
she massages my diaphragm;
she releases the tension
no more heavy exertion from breathing

The house is clean.
Jordan came and cleaned
from tip to top - tee hee
the hairs, the fleas, the skin, the oils
vacuumed and mopped right off of my floors.

My liver still hurts - when I stretch my right arm,
I feel something bumping into my ribs.

Who knew we could feel so deeply,
Such great IN-TO-ME-SEE (intimacy) with my organs.
How cool beans is that?

My kidneys are still sore -
probably last night’s workout at Toojay’s.

Some muscle is stressed out between the breast
and the ribs just below under my arm.

The wind gets knocked out of me
when her fingers probe the area.
She grabs my arm and starts rotating it,
looking for space, trying to create expansion.

It’s dreary here today and cold.
58 degrees F in the middle of March in Florida.
The mango trees blossom and the
smell is just a wafting minimal afterthought.
Blessings in all sizes, tee hee.

Made veggie soup - warm and hearty -
broth from my last soup -
2 pieces of kabocha squash, 4 carrots,
3 pieces of rainbow chard (orange, red and yellow),
1/2 an onion.
It’s been simmering for the last few hours.
Makes this house smell toasty and warm.

Took a shower after my massage.
Like a meow, the best way to unruffle
and ground - wash it all away.

Stood under the hot water,
warming up my bones.
Washing away all the toxins off my skin.

It comes out of my pores -
a pungent slightly acrid smell
of fear being released through my armpits.

Raising my healing vibration - made a playlist
of Sister Goddess Karen Drucker’s healing songs.
These songs help me open my heart and embrace
what is going on in my body.

Her wise words remind me to
be patient with this process -
knowing what a gift this is.

“When I trust and I let go,
I know that all is well.”

Soothing balm for my soul
A mantra for my mind

No food today
Not hungry, not necessary
This is new for me
Allowing, embracing, knowing

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