Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The first time I noticed

Silly me.
I so wanted to believe I was pregnant.
The signs were so confusing.
My stomach getting rounder,
eating so little and getting so full -
I even thought my breasts were growing.
All possible symptoms of my period
except everything is a little tight in my chest.
Like nothing seems to fit right inside my body.

I am so tired. I can't seem to keep up.
Everything is a little harder to do.
So I kept going like nothing was happening.
I made some yummy vegetable soup.
Carrots, onion, sancocho mix, parsnips, red chard leaves.
Mom came from Deerfield Beach and we hung out - a little retail therapy.
Ikea's and Kohl's and Bed Bath Beyond.

Took a nap - found it even more difficult to breathe.
Sister Goddess Leslie decided to come over later that evening.
We sat down for dinner, WSM Noah made some roasted broccolini and French bread rolls to accompany the vegetable soup.
I had three pieces of broccolini and felt so full.

My chest is tight. My organs seem to be pressing against my ribcage.
Something is just not right.

Time to slow down and pay attention.


Jackie said...

What is going on, Goddess????
I'm sending healing energy!!!!!
Love Jackie

MeowGoddess said...

Thanks Sister Goddess Jackie,

I am loving your healing energy.

I have been writing every day as I explore
what is going on in my body.

And what my body is telling me.

As I tune in and help me heal myself - what a trip!

Keep me in a circle of love and healing.

As I heal through Laughter and sleep.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Sister GoddessGoddess

MeowGoddess said...
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