Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to the Real World

Today - I immerse myself
back into the Real World

GingerMama and Elly Belly
are both compacted
Sympathy pains for - tee hee ~@~
Dr. Darko, homeopathic vet and friend
comes to scoop the poop
and squeeze their anal glands

I wonder if that would
have worked for me?

Tee hee ~@~

Another piece of bread with smushed banana
Eating it slow - chewing 50 times
It takes me 15 minutes to eat my open faced sandwich

I pack a cooler of "safe" food for the weekend -
2 bananas, bread, parsley to settle my stomach
1 persimmon, 2 lemons to help my digestion
Strained vegetable soup - lots of it

I drive to West Palm Beach
It is a cathartic drive
Through rain and fog and wind -
Leaving the past behind
Going into the Unknown
Charting new territory

I arrive at the training location
My clothes are loose and falling off
I meet new colleagues in the
Laughter Coaching world

The room is a hotel conference room
Full of vents and an A/C system that goes
off every 5 minutes - what's a GIRL to do?

What an OMazing challenge.

Laughing is a little too much for my
central nervous system
I keep repeating my new mantra:

Peaceful humming laughter

I must remind myself
Baby steps to recuperation

I am trying to be myself
I am trying to focus and listen
I just want to sink into my body and BE

Our seminar goes on until 6:00 p.m.
I head back to Deerfield Beach to settle down
The weather is windy and cold -
dropping into the 50's again

I am tired - meeting new people
and absorbing energy
I force myself to eat a little veggie soup
I am needing sleep, sleep, sleep

I put on my IPOD - Karen Drucker's
sweet songs soothe my soul
I sing along about
healed and whole and healthy
I sleep ..... zzzzzzz

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