Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 3 - Re-examining things

Day 3 - no food

My tummy hurts.
No poop yet.

A little more aloe vera juice to help things glide.
I've had to ask for help so I can show up
WSM Noah drives me to South Beach
I'm hanging out with Sister Goddess Christina
Sister Goddess Christina is a music therapist, Laughter Yoga leader
and all around fun loving yogini.
She has a lovely apartment overlooking the ocean
She makes me green tea while I sit in a chair, allowing the sun to warm me
We talk about how to make our afternoon flow.
I sit there feeling my cramps and just breathing
Breathing, breathing, breathing
No farting, no belching,
feeling very stagnant and stale
Yet I am bleeding,
falling apart, feeling very sensitive

We drive around in Wee Grace with the top down
absorbing every little bit of sunshine
I get to read and hang in the sun
while SG Christina stops in at the acupuncturist.

Then we go to Five Sisters
What an OMazing space
To show up for our Laughter Yoga Playdate
SG Christina and I collaborated in creating
a Laughter Yoga-Music Therapy program
laughing, dancing, stretching, meditating and more laughing
I am nervous about showing up like this -
crampy, uncomfortable and in pain
I have a very hard time laughing - my core hurts
my breath is tight in my chest
Two wonderful women show up in our space
We hug, we stretch, we sway, we laugh
We heal each other with our words and breath
Just the right amount for what my energy can handle

I am feeling so full and alien in my body
I am sweating - it is stinky and kind of gross
I am cold, I am hot, I don't know what is going on with me
we'll try again tomorrow

No desire for food - get home and WSM Noah is cooking
I can smell it and absorb the aroma
and yet I have no desire for it
I have been putting off reading Julie and Julia
Now seems to be the right time to read it

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