Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 8 - What we do on the right, we also do on the left

It's one of the things I say
in our Laughter Yoga Circle.
Whatever we do on side,
we must do on the other.

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good.
Not so swollen or miserable.

72 degrees. - GingerMama and I hit the road
We walk in the balmy weather
A little foggy this morning
We sniff the Mango trees
I have the desire to poop
Woo hoo ~@~
A little turd comes out
with almost no effort
My stomach flattens out
- just like that

I'd like to say that this is
the end to my sordid ordeal
However, it is just the beginning

I still feel my lungs bang on
my ribcage when I stretch my right arm
No thing feels normal
from my sternum to my anus

Everything is distended,
grossly exaggerated -
Except I am now empty

What to do with food?
It's like I've been empty
Can I just stay that way?

I've promised Sister Goddess Galant
that I will nourish myself today
Some sustenance

I muscle test as I go through the kitchen
My first reaction is to juice
Some light watery greens
Cucumber, apple, spinach, parsley
Very green and sweet
My organs are palpitating
Anticipating a lot of work
I pour myself 1/4 cup juice
And water it down 3/4 cup water
This seems easier on my body

Pilates class with Donna Madonna -
pulled out the reformer to protect my back.
We slow the pace way down so
I can listen to how my body i feeling -
what it can handle.

I am not sure where my abs are anymore
Ever so slowly, Donna Madonna walks me through
mermaids and leg stretches as we open my sacrum
so I can breathe fully again.

Laying down after my workout
Elly Belly comes to play on my belly
kneading the new space created from stretching
I feel the expansiveness that has been missing.

Thank you for this blessing of slowing down.

I am still a little feverish.
However, I am feeling hungry.
My body leads me to banana.
I take three slices of banana and mush it up
on top of this OMazing German bread

(my soul brought me this manna)
from the GermanHaus

Seven Grain Power


I am eating very small bits at a time
focusing on the 50 chews
(which is so hard, I tend to lose count
somewhere in the middle of a swallow) -
ouch, that one was too fast -
not possible to type and chew at the same time -

I feel as it goes down my esophagus,
I feel where it cross the liver,
going past the gallbladder and
that is where it slows down
right at the opening of the stomach -
there was a lot of undigested bread and banana.
Need to slow down even more.

Drank some water with lemon.
Lemon seems to help with the burping.
It cleanses and opens as it goes down.

Standing to see if I can burp more.
I burp, I drink a little more water.
I sit down and I take an even smaller bite.
I masticate.
I feel the millet on my tongue,
a little piece of sunflower seed between my teeth.
Itʼs like a sensation explosion in my mouth.
I chew.

Nap, jacuzzi, massage -
that is what I need to restore myself today

Sister Goddess Galant comes at 4:00 p.m.
We talk about how I am feeling
She tests my energy and raises my Chi
She touches, she tugs, she connects me to my core
She helps me find my abdomen muscles again
Woo hoo ~@~

I sink into her fingers
I let go of the world and enter my body
Swirls of sensations - hot, cold, deep, low
I sleep - I allow my body to do what it does best

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