Saturday, March 13, 2010

What can I eat?

Happy Saturday!!!

I am not yet functioning properly
I leave the house at 8:30 a.m
I arrive to my seminar at 9:15 a.m.

Same routine - smushed banana on bread
that seems to be all I can stomach right meow

We are paired up today as we try
laughter coaching exercises

We bounce on balls and use hula hoops
The twisting, swaying motion is good for
my digestive system - it is like dancing

I am hungry again at 11:00 a.m.
I eat a piece of apple - nice and slow
When I feel stuck, I suck on some lemon
It helps me burp and keeps things moving

We have much ground to cover
So many interesting personalities
We are nine

Laughter Coaching is like a
laid back version of Laughter Yoga
softer and gentler
deeper and more intimate
easier on my gut

I am going to try to eat
more food today
I actually feel hungry

A few of us go to Chipotle Restaurant
This restaurant chain was on Oprah
for their healthy and organic ingredients
I order a vegetarian on a salad

This portion is HUGE -
is this really for one?
I eat some black beans,
some corn nuggets,
a little guacamole, a little lettuce

I am eating small amounts on my fork
It is so tasty - so textury - so chewy
Part of me wants to gulp it down
olds habits screaming out
Food! Glorious food!
Goading me on to
inhale it into my mouth

Another part of me is fearful
of what might happen
If I eat more than I can process

I take a deep breath and
push my plate away
I barely get through 1/3 of my portion

This is a huge accomplishment for me
We go back to class for another four hours
of role playing and listening and learning
and LAUGHING - peaceful humming laughter

The A/C is playing havoc with my system
I am cold - I am hot - I don't know
I drink water - I try to ground

Centering exercises -
breathing and laughing
with kindred souls here
- this helps -

We have a group meal tonight
We are going out for sushi
I feel challenged and yet,
what an opportunity for growth

I order miso soup to settle my stomach
I drink the broth and
feel the enzymes working
I order edamame &
seaweed salads for my new friends
who have never had sushi before
And a vegetable roll -
avocado, asparagus, inside out rice
I have two pieces -
Too messy and hard to chew on 50 times
I am not really hungry anymore

I am home by 9:30 p.m.
I prowl the fridge
This behavior is interesting
because I am not hungry

I muscle test to be sure -
my ego and body
do not see eye to eye

I observe myself going through
the fridge and pantry
prowling for a something -
a taste, a feeling, a warmth
I slam the fridge door and walk away

I give myself a Woo Hoo for my courage

It is late - we are jumping forward an hour
for Daylights Savings time
I must go to bed

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