Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 2 - Food and me

Had a very hard time getting up today.
I am definitely clogged up.
It does not help that this house is so cold.

Took a 5 minute walk with GingerMama
and I was exhausted.
So hard to breathe.
Everything in my chest is locked up.
Everything down below is clogged up too.
I am also sore from yesterday's yoga and Pilates.
I have no appetite today.
GingerMama's food makes me nauxious
There is swelling in my tummy.
It feels so tight inside of me.

Curandera Sister Goddess Galant is coming today at one.
If anyone can bring me relief she can.
She already has me doing homework:
legs up on the wall while my back is straight.
Drinking aloe vera juice to see if we can get things moving.

I create space in the Goddess Studio
I lay a mattress down, pile on the blankets,
bring in a space heater, light some candles
Put some Karen Drucker healing music

I have a busy weekend -
all these Laughter Yoga commitments
I need to show up
I need my body to cooperate
and get me through the day

Curandera SG Galant sits down next to me
She starts doing her thing -
diagnosing what is going on,
where my energy is stuck,
where her hands can do their magic.

SG Galant has a deep knowledge of the anatomy and physiology
She is a reiki practicioner, a thai massage afficionado, a yogini,
a Pilates instructor and a BioOrgonomist.

Her hands fluttering above me increase my heat
She reaches deep into my belly and starts to knead & massage
She twists and grabs and pushes and pulls
She sinks deep and then she lets go

She is amazed - I have three knots - my intestines are all
scrunched up in the center with knots on either side
tightness in my hands, hamstrings,
sacrum, below my shoulder blades

She touches, she stretches, she opens, she flexes
I feel the toxins within shake loose
The tension is releasing -
my abdomen has more space
I can breathe again

She reminds me that it took
months to get myself in this predicament,
it will take time to heal

She confirms - reflexology in my hands and feet
show that my lungs and liver are in distress
She tells me that my period is attempting to flow
She felt many palpitations in my pelvic area
making everything more sensitive

I feel wrung out -
the blessing is that I am breathing again!
I get into the jacuzzi -
the hot water helps me release the tension in my muscles

I go to the bathroom - no poop
My period has started.
Until stuff comes out, I've decided I can't put anything in my body

I sleep for the next three hours
No walking, no eating, no stress

I have no desire for food - not cooking or eating or even smelling it
My teeth feel so clean .. what a great benefit.

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