Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Garage Sale

Heading into the danger zone
WSM Noah has very little patience with me

This illness is grating on both of us
I look normal yet have no energy
I can walk and talk yet get winded easily

We agreed to join our neighbors in a garage sale
I come back from a GingerMama walk
We've made this easy
Boxes already prepared
Table set up - we put some tunes on

We have fun with it
A beautiful painted tablecloth

We seem to have no
patience with each other

Later, I sit in the jacuzzi
Soaking up the sun

Laying in the hammock
Letting my bones stretch
Allowing my body to relax

I am stressed around him
He does not take well to change
Or is he just reflecting me to me?

He likes everything the way it is
Otherwise it stresses him out
He raises his voice
It intimidates me

It settles into my sacrum
It makes me want to SHOUT

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