Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 4 - Food and Moi

The most important and intimate relationship I've ever had


It started at my mother's nipple.
As far as I know, it is only HERE and NOW
that I am consciously exploring this IN-to-me relationship

I was always afraid to fast.
The Day of Atonement, and a forced fast
was always a miserable experience for me.
Day 4 without food (by choice) and I am not even hungry
I haven't been able to poop either.

And I am full of aloe vera juice -
I drank 36 ounces last night
hoping to jump start my system -

Drinking tea and hot water with parsley
My stomach is full and tight - a lump sitting on top
of my already stressed pelvis and sacrum.

Teeth are so yummy -
feels good to play with my tongue
on such smooth surfaces

I am feverish. Toxins floating inside.
I feel the red hot heat in my blood,
pulsing in my veins.

My ener-CHI is a little low
I am presenting a Key Note on Healing with Humor.
My computer is acting up
It deletes my speech and keeps my heartrate up
as I improvise and go to Plan B

I shower. I sing. I set my intentions.

Sharing my JOY.
Helping to HEAL.
Being BREATHing me.

I put on my purple bra -
surround myself with loving healing energy.
I place jade and rose quartz by my heart.

I am so deep into my body's sensations as
I get out of the car
I focus on breathing and walking
through the parking lot and into the hotel.
I am here and yet, in my own world of body -
every step, every breath, every word
taking a toll on my nervous system

I find a table - I meet people - I smell food.
I am not hungry. I am not nervous. I just AM.
Feeling, Allowing, Embracing the moment.
I drink my aloe juice spiked water. I breathe.
I allow myself to feel within my environment.
When it becomes too much, I get up and walk
I shake it all about. I breathe. I smile.

When it is my turn, I breathe again.
I head for the front. I pray to be an
instrument for peace and love just because.

I speak. We laugh. We feel.
A fabulous event. I am parched.
I am hot. I am cold.
I go home, I lay down.

Sister Goddess Galant is coming tomorrow.

Woo hoo ~@~


Anonymous said...

Goddess Diana. Aloe vera while alkaline is VERY drying for the digestive tract and astringent (tightening) for it too. do you recall putting it on your face after sunburn in FL as a kid ? the face skin tightened...I feel you are very dehydrated at the cellular level. please allow me to locate someone in South FL to get you some Kangen Water....we met @ Cafe 118 in Winter Park Dan Towey 407-447-7294 I am sending you an email with some audio testimonials about constipation with Kangen Water

MeowGoddess said...

Thank you WSM Dan,

I really appreciate your feedback and your perspective on Aloe Vera. I wish I would have thought of that sooner. Tee hee ~@~

And I do reMEMBER who you are. What a fortunate and yummy meeting that was at Cafe 118.

I AM dehydrated at the cellular level. That really resonates.

I found a website that debunks a lot of your materials. Can I send it forward for you to review and comment?

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Sister GoddessGoddess

Annette said...

I love you Goddess - plz do take care of yourself and let me know if I can help with anything...